You may be thinking that you don’t need to worry about a local SEO strategy because your business is doing just fine without it. But what if I told you that a winning local SEO strategy could help you attract even more customers and grow your business?

Here’s how to create a local SEO strategy that will make your business shine online.

Start with keyword research

Figure out what people are searching for when they’re looking for businesses like yours

Have you ever wondered why some businesses seem to be just the right fit when it comes to the products and services they offer? It’s because they have done their keyword research! Before any business gets into their marketing plan, it is important to first research what keywords people are looking for when they search for a business like yours.

Keywords are the bases of any successful content that you create as part of your online presence. With them, you can pull up information such as the number of searches made pertaining to a certain topic or keyword, and also which ones are trending in your particular market.

Armed with this information, you can create content that speaks directly to the needs of potential customers. In short, keyword research lays the foundation for success.

Optimise your website for those keywords

Make sure your site comes up first in search results

If you have an online presence, one of the most essential moves you can make is optimising your website for certain keywords. Doing so will give you an edge in search results, helping to ensure that your site appears first when potential customers are searching online.

You don’t need to be a technology whiz to optimise the content on your website; there are numerous resources and tutorials available that can teach you how to update text and meta tags in order to get maximum visibility for your webpages.

A few hours spent making sure your site is optimised for those key search terms – and frequently updated – can go a long way towards ensuring that your content stands out from the competition and gets seen by interested visitors.

Create local listings on directories like Google My Business and Yelp

This will help people find you when they’re searching for businesses in your area

As any business owner knows, it’s crucial to be visible online. That’s why creating a local listing on directories like Google My Business and Yelp can be invaluable – it helps people find you quickly and easily when they’re searching for businesses in your area. It might seem like a tedious task at first, but setting up a local listing will give prospective customers an important window into your business.

You can include photos, hours of operation, address information and details about what services you offer – all of which will build trust and help direct potential customers to your doorstep. Plus, you might even get some great reviews in the process! Don’t let your business stay hidden in the shadows – put yourself on the map with local listings today.

SEO focused Content

Write blog posts about topics that are relevant to your business and location – this will show potential customers that you’re an expert in your field

Blogging is a great way to help your business standout from competitors in your industry. Keeping up with the latest news, innovations and trends, as well as providing valuable tips and advice to potential customers about topics related to your field can show them that you are knowledgeable and trustworthy.

By taking advantage of relevant topics in your area of expertise – including events, local initiatives, product launches or simply an area of interest for consumers – you can create an engaging blog that attracts attention and builds trust amongst your readers. Writing regular blog posts full of helpful content will also boost your online presence and give potential customers a better understanding of what makes you unique!

Promote your content through social media and email marketing

Let people know about what you’re doing and where they can find you online

The best way to promote your content is through social media and email marketing. From Instagram stories to creative newsletters or funny tweets, these two marketing strategies can get the job done. Social media platforms are great for spreading the word about what you’re doing and driving people directly to your website.

Meanwhile, email campaigns are a wonderful way to build relationships with your audience and stay connected with them over time. Plus, it’s easy to track the performance of each campaign so you can measure which methods are working best. So don’t be shy – get out there and let people know about who you are and what your business is all about!


There are many digital strategies businesses can use to make sure they reach their target audience. By starting out with keyword research and optimising their website for the right keywords, businesses can ensure that potential customers find them when searching online.

Additionally, it is important for businesses to get involved in their local community and create content about topics relevant to their industry and location. Through social media promotion and email marketing campaigns, businesses can showcase their expertise and offerings to attract more customers. With a solid digital marketing strategy in place, businesses can quickly differentiate themselves from competitors in the same field or geographical area.

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Kimberley Cottrell
Kimberley Cottrell

Over 10 years digital marketing experience specialising in search engine optimization. I have helped countless business improve their organic visibility and reach that number one spot on Google through SEO strategies, and increase their ROI through highly targeted social media marketing.